A flat roof system for commercial or residential structures.

Built-up roof (or BUR) systems are common flat roof system for commercial or residential structures. Often times, BURs fall under many different variations of names such as: tar and gravel, modified bitumen, rolled roofing, etc.

Built-Up Roof

These roofs are most commonly applied with 3-4 layers of roofing materials to make up the complete roofing system. There are typically a base sheet, a fiber sheet and then one to two layers of bitumen. The base sheet is usually mechanically fastened to the structure with screws/washers. These layers of bitumen can be applied in different methods. The methods most commonly used are cold-applied adhesive, hot tar and torch-down. Sometimes there is a granule or aggregate surface of gravel or minerals that is applied over the top.

These roofing systems, if applied properly, can be long lasting and a great system for your home or commercial building.

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