Lightweight and durable metal roofs are an excellent choice.

Metal roofing has become more common in the recent years here in the valley. Metal roofing is a long lasting, energy efficient, lightweight roofing material that can provide a home or commercial building with great curb appeal.

One of the great benefits of metal roofing is its longevity. After many years of owning a metal roof, you will really begin to reap the benefits of your investment; metal roofs provide you with weather protection with nearly no maintenance or replacement costs. Metal roofs are highly fire and wind resistant, both of which can affect your Arizona home.

Metal Roofing

Long Lasting, Efficient and Lightweight

Metal roofs are considered an energy efficient roofing system. Although metal can retain the heat from the direct sunlight, your home can be protected from unwanted heat by installing an insulation board directly beneath the metal. If your metal roof is coated with a highly reflective coating, it will allow even more of the heat to reflect away from the attic of your house. This will, in-turn, reduce your cooling costs in the intense Arizona summers.

Let us help protect your Arizona vacation home from fire or storm damage with a state of the art metal roof.

Metal Roof Types

Metal roofs come in a variety of styles, some of the more popular ones are listed below...

  • Standing/vertical seam
  • Formed metal made to resemble shingles
  • Formed metal made to resemble wood shakes
  • Formed metal made to resemble tile

Metal Roofing Installation

Metal Roofing Installation

Whether you are building a new home or building, are adding on to your existing structure, or are interested in changing your existing roofing material to metal, you can be assured that we will install your metal roof with both high quality workmanship and materials. Our metal roofs will provide you with the protection necessary to what is likely one of your most valuable assets.

Metal Roofing Repairs

Metal Roofing Repairs

If you have a leak in your metal roof, or have received damage to your existing metal roof, we will be able to provide you with any necessary roof repairs.

Metal Roofing Replacements

Metal Roofing Replacements

Although metal roofs have a tendency to last a very long time, they do not last forever. Whether your existing metal roof is nearing the end of its life or you would like to replace your existing metal roof with another style or color we can definitely assist you with getting the results you are looking for. Our technicians always provide you with a high level of service and pay attention to the details.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Roof Satisfaction Guaranteed

Here at RENCO, customer satisfaction is extremely important. We know that the best way to grow is by exceeding the expectations of our customers in order to be trusted enough to be given a referral. This is proven by the fact that a majority of our new customers come in the form of referrals. In order to accomplish this, we use the finest tools, materials, and employ the most skilled workers so that we can guarantee 100% customer satisfaction to all we serve. Come experience the 100% satisfaction guarantee that RENCO is proud to offer. Let us become your roofer.

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