Durable balconies and multipurpose rooftop decks

Many houses, condominiums, townhouses, and commercial buildings in Arizona have balconies and multipurpose rooftop decks. These areas often need to be waterproof, hold up to use and traffic and, of course, look great while doing so. This can all be accomplished with the proper installation of a walk deck system.

Walk Deck

Installation of new walk decks/repairs to existing decks

We install new walk decks and repair or refinish existing ones.

We work with both urethane and concrete-based systems. Our team's walk deck experts have been properly trained by our product suppliers so that we can install and maintain these systems according to the manufacturer's specifications.   


Coating walk decks

The coating products Renco uses have been chosen for the ability to deliver durability and aesthetic appeal.


Wood finish: 

Our wood decks provide a strong resistance to abrasion and corrosion, with a waterproof Sonoguard polyurethane finish.



Concrete Finish

Our concrete decks provide high durability and require little maintenance, with a variety of color options. The Pli-dek(concrete finish over plywood) and Con-dek(Concrete over concrete) products used are waterproof and carry 1-hour, Class A fire ratings


All our walk deck systems come with competitive warranties in the industry.


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Roof Satisfaction Guaranteed

Here at RENCO, customer satisfaction is extremely important. We know that the best way to grow is by exceeding the expectations of our customers in order to be trusted enough to be given a referral. This is proven by the fact that a majority of our new customers come in the form of referrals. In order to accomplish this, we use the finest tools, materials, and employ the most skilled workers so that we can guarantee 100% customer satisfaction to all we serve. Come experience the 100% satisfaction guarantee that RENCO is proud to offer. Let us become your roofer.

Affiliation and Awards

H.C. from Scottsdale, AZ...

Dear Shannon, I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for the restaurant gift card for my referral to you guys of a neighbor. I don’t remember ever dealing with a company such as yours where you truly care and demonstrate what customer service is all about! You guys have figured it out and to me are a role model for how things should be done! Too often this type of care and service are missing and I just want you to know I really appreciate how you do business.