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Having a properly working roofing system is important for every homeowner. Living in Arizona, you should be aware of the important factors affecting the performance of your roof.

The upkeep of your roof, along with the rest of the household, could get your hands full especially if you are not so familiar with what goes around it. We have compiled here some useful facts about your roof to guide you well.

1. Clay tile is the roofing material that lasts the longest in Arizona.

If you are after the longevity of your roof, then clay tile should definitely be one of your options.

With proper maintenance, it could last for over 60 years. Because of its thermal properties, it does not heat up too much despite the extreme Arizona desert climate. Moreover, just by glazing it, it can hold its color even with extreme heat from the sun. So, it’s a good choice if you want your roof to last longer while preserving its beauty.

2. Roof temperatures could rise even when it’s not a very hot day.

Many homeowners believe that the temperature of the roof could only be high on an extremely hot day. But this is a misconception.

Even during a not too hot of a day, your roof can still reach high temperatures depending on the angle the sun is hitting your roof and the composition of your roof.

3. It’s not just rain that cause leaks.

When it rains, we should also be aware that heavy winds take part as well in causing leaks. Because heavy winds may cause rain to go sideways, you need to check under the eaves when looking for leaks.

4. Think like the water when finding a roof leak.

It’s a common assumption that the source of a leak is above from where the water is dripping. However, water can move several feet from the true source of leak.

5. Don’t be afraid to invest in your roof’s maintenance.

Many homeowners avoid maintenance costs especially when there are no visible issues around the roof. This is not the case, however. If you want a roof to last long and avoid major repairs along the way, you need to look after its upkeep.

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