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Choosing the right type of gutters to use can be difficult. There are many options that you have to choose from with each type offering different things. However, today we’ll be exploring the two most common types of gutters that you’re going to find: Aluminum and Copper gutters.

Aluminum or Copper?

These two are the most common gutter types you’re going to find at your local roofing contractor. Why? Because of how reliable and good these are when it comes to doing their jobs. But why would you choose one over the other? That’s the question we’ll be answering today!

Aluminum Gutters

Aluminum gutters are probably what everyone in your neighborhood is using. This is because of how widely available it is and how much cheaper it is than copper. It’s great for homeowners who want a dependable gutter at an affordable price.

Widely Available

The fact that aluminum gutters are extremely easy to find helps it’s popularity among homeowners. You could simply walk into a hardware store and buy your own aluminum gutters and install them yourself. It even comes in a wide variety of colors from your usual silver or brown, to more vibrant colors like violet or lime green that can match the aesthetics of your roof.

Cheaper than Copper

Aluminum is also far cheaper when compared to copper when it comes to gutter materials. Aluminum gutters will typically cost you around $5 to $6 per foot of material. Copper on the other hand can cost as high as $23 per foot of material. That’s nearly 4 times the cost of aluminum.

Lightweight and Easy to Install

Not only is aluminum light when it comes to cost. It’s also light when it comes to actually installing it. It’s lightweight and easy to install, and you can even install it yourself in a DIY project. There are many ways you can install it and it depends on you whether you want to choose one method over another.

Copper Gutters

Copper gutters are rare, and you won’t find them everywhere like aluminum gutters. However, what sets it apart from it’s cheaper cousin is the fact that it can last as long as your home. In fact, it might even outlast your home.

Very Durable

Copper gutters are an incredibly durable type of gutter that can take one hell of a beating. Unlike aluminum which is lightweight, copper is quite heavy but is far stronger as a result. It’s also melt resistant and can easily withstand the heat of Arizona for decades before needing to be replaced.

Naturally Rust Resistant

Rust is a problem for many metallic materials. It weakens it and causes it to crumble. However, copper is naturally resistant to corrosion and is why it is the material of choice where heavy rainfall is expected.  Because of its rust resistance, it’s even used in ships as an alloy with nickel. Corrosion is no problem for it and it can easily withstand decades of heavy rainfall and abuse.

Long Lifespan

One common theme among copper gutter’s strengths is the fact that it can last a very long time with the right care. This advantage is thanks to how strong copper is as a material. Your copper gutters will last as long as your home. Not just your roof, but your home.