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clean roof

3 Benefits of a Clean Roof

Brand new roofs have great curb appeal, with clean lines and bold colors that perfectly compliment a home. But what about that same roof, 10 years down the line? When colors fade and debris build up, your roof may not be able to perform to its potential. Sometimes, all a Read more…

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roofing maintenance

Roofing Maintenance Myths

Homeowners have to navigate a myriad of decisions when it comes to the care and maintenance of their home. With so many differing opinions (and bad information) out there, it’s best to forgo the D.I.Y. mentality and consult with a local professional instead. We’re here to help separate the truth Read more…

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Roofing tips to stay cool this summer

With temperatures reaching 120 degrees in the Valley of the sun, it’s no secret that the heat brings its own unique challenges to surviving desert summers. While most Phoenicians spend their time going from one air conditioned space to another, the roofs over their heads take the brunt of the Read more…

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