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DIY roof replacement

DIY Roof Replacement Pros & Cons

There are many perks in getting professional roofers to fix or replace your roof but there are still people who prefer DIY roof replacement. And why not? Some people think of it as a hobby but most of the time, people decide to go for a DIY roof replacement because they want to save some money. 

There’s obviously a running debate on whether it’s better to replace your roof on your own or get a professional to get it done. Maybe you think you’re getting the most value by getting a professional or perhaps you think you’re being cost-effective by going DIY. In this post, we’re going to shed some light on how efficient it really is to replace your roof on your own as we talk about the good and bad side of DIY roof replacement.

DIY Roof Replacement Pros

It Will Help You Save Money

DIY roof replacement cost is pretty cheap. The only things you need to spend on are materials and equipment. There is no need to spend on labor. 

Since DIY roof replacement is cost-effective, you will have the luxury to purchase higher quality materials. 

You Can Replace Your Roof Whenever You Want

When you hire professionals, you have to follow a certain schedule that works for your contractors. Of course, if you go DIY, you can work in your own terms. 

What if you called a contractor and he’d be available next week and you need to have your roof replaced by tomorrow at the latest? The longer you keep your damaged roof waiting, the more damage it is bound to take. 

DIY Roof Replacement Cons

Your Roof Can Get More Damaged

DIY roof replacement is one complex work. If you want to do this on your own, you need to have practical knowledge and expertise about the subject matter. 

Otherwise, you could make a mistake and your roof could get more damaged than it needs to be. When this happens, you’ll have no choice but to hire a contractor and your overall costs would double not just from your initial expenses but also due to the added complicacies you potentially caused from the DIY work. 

You Could Make Mistakes

As we mentioned, DIY roof replacement requires a lot of skill and expertise on your end. If you’ve had previous experience with this kind of work before, getting a new roof on your own may just benefit you. 

Otherwise, it is bound to lead to mistakes. When that happens, you will only double your overall costs because if you have to re-do something over and over again, you also have to keep on purchasing new materials each time. 

The Investment Isn’t Worth It

Sure, you won’t have to pay anyone for their labor but take note that you have to purchase the equipment. 

The materials are one thing but at the same time, there is special equipment needed to get the job done. 

Not only are these equipment costly but they also prove to be of little value to you after you’ve successfully finished the roof. 

On the other hand, you could make an investment on this equipment and during the work, you could make a mistake and end up giving the job to a professional anyway. 

That being said, there are many things to consider before deciding to do DIY roof replacement. 

It’s Time-Consuming

DIY roof replacement has two sides when it comes to time. You will be in charge of picking the time and date when you want to start the project. This can be a good thing depending on how quickly you need the roof replaced. 

But the bad side is that there are many complexities involved in roof replacement. That being said, not only does it require expertise but also a lot of time. 

It is not something that you can get done in an hour or so. You would need to take a few days off from work if you really want to get this done on your own. 

Now, if you’re a stay-at-home dad or brother, then this probably wouldn’t be a big deal but only if you are willing to spend so much time on something that is uncertain. 

Let’s say that you did have the time to work on the project, but how sure are you that you will be able to finish it successfully? 

How would you feel if you spend a lot of time on roof replacement and then realize later on that you really need to get a professional to get it done right? 

You’d probably be so upset that you wouldn’t want to speak to anyone for days. It will be a total waste of time, energy, effort, and even money. 

You Could Get Injured

Roof replacements look so easy when you watch those videos on YouTube. But if you were to try doing it yourself, you’d realize how painstaking the process really is. 

And if you are not cut out for this kind of work, you could end up hurting yourself. Again, doing so would only result in more expenses moving forward. 

Think about all the money you spent on supplies, materials, and equipment. How about the money that you have to spend realizing that you need a professional after all? And if you did get injured, know that you also need money for hospital bills and medicine. 


The idea of DIY roof replacement sounds really enticing at first. Just think about the money and time that you’ll be able to save. But look at the bigger picture and you’ll see that DIY roof replacement has more risks and benefits. 

The great thing about hiring a professional for roof replacement is that you get the ultimate value for your money. You get the most from your money, and most importantly, you don’t have to exert any additional effort nor do you have to worry about making time for the project. To get the best roofing professional at the most affordable prices, contact Renco Roofing now.