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Incorporating Roofing Maintenance into Your Spring-Cleaning Routine

Now that Spring has officially sprung, it is that time of year again for Spring Cleaning. However, your closets and junk drawer are not the only part of your home that needs a little extra TLC this time of year. It is also essential to assess the exterior of your home and make any necessary repairs.  

A roofing system is one of the most vulnerable parts of the household as it is continuously exposed to many external environmental conditions such as radiation, extreme weather conditions, and all kinds of debris. Consistent upkeep can help prevent damage, keep your roof in optimal working condition, and extend its lifetime. Here are a few of our maintenance recommendations to help you this Spring!  

Roof Cleaning

Cleaning is one of the best and most simple methods of roof maintenance. This year’s winter storms have brought strong winds that can cover your home with foreign debris and clog your gutters. RENCO Roofing offers a comprehensive cleaning service that can extend your roof’s life and help avoid costly roofing replacements that come with an unmaintained roof. Proper cleaning can also help to minimize and reduce the damage caused by debris. The collection of debris in your gutters and downspouts is a breeding ground for pests and also leads to pooling water which can cause leaks. Regular cleaning can also help to prevent fungus and moss from growing on your roof, which causes damage as their roots dig into and break up your roofing material.  

Recoating Foam Roofs

A common cause of foam roof deterioration is the lack of regular or proper maintenance cycles. All too often, when we come across a failing SPF roof, it is due to coatings that have been improperly applied to save a few extra dollars. Other failures we commonly see are expired coatings or excessive surface damage from storms, service personnel, birds, and more.   

If you have a foam roof, recoating services can help extend its life. Foam roofs are typically done with a 5 or 10-year coating warranty, and as the expiration date of that warranty approaches, it is essential to call a roofing professional. A member of our experienced team can help you decide if foam recoating is your best option.  

Roofing Repairs 

Broken tiles and shingles can leave your roof more vulnerable to natural elements, rain can bring leaks, and wind can cause rips and tears in your roofing material. If you have any current roof damage, addressing these issues before monsoon season is essential. Whether you have leaks or pooling water, our team will help solve any problems with your residential or commercial roof.  

Roofing Inspection  

Unsure if your roof is in need of some improvements? We recommend that your roof be inspected once or twice a year by a professional who fully understands the roofing system’s design and components. Regular inspection will detect damages early to avoid serious problems requiring major and costly repairs. 

Take advantage of this season in Arizona to prepare for the summer monsoons. It important to ensure that your roof is in proper condition to avoid further, more destructive damage that monsoons and rain can bring to the Valley. With the RENCO Maintenance Program, you can expect a team of experts that communicates quickly and effectively to ensure you get the service you deserve.  

Start checking off your spring cleaning list today by giving us a call at 602-867-9386 or click below to get started with the RENCO Maintenance Program.