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Winter is here and you have to make sure that you keep your roof maintained in the colder weather. Arizona doesn’t experience the same winter intensity as other states, but it’s effects can still be felt, so you have to be prepared to handle it.

How You Can Prevent Arizona Winter Roof Damage

Preventing winter roof damage in Arizona is much easier than it is in other states. However, you should still take the time to prepare your roof for the inevitable damage that winter will bring. So to help you do just that, we’ve made a list of things you can do to prevent winter roof damage.

Normalize The Temperature in Your Roof

Temperature changes are one of the most common things you’re going to see during the winter. One moment it’s 50 degrees, the next it’s 70. These fluctuations in temperature are a problem for roofs because of how they cause the roof to expand and contract. These contractions slowly bend metal and cause damage to the roof. A good way to beat this is to make sure that you have a way to normalize the temperature in your roof. Roof sealants, and reflective roofing materials are great solutions to this problem.

Make Sure To Keep Gutters Clear To Minimize Water Pooling

One of the biggest trademarks of the cold Arizona winter night is how water can turn into frost overnight and back into water during the day. This frosting and defrosting on your roof can cause a number of problems for your roof. However this only becomes a major problem if there is enough water in your roof to cause damage. So you have to make sure that you keep your gutters clear and clean

Keep An Eye Out For The Occasional Hail Storm

Hail is the last thing someone living in Arizona will expect, however it can happen. It can come suddenly in the middle of a rain shower and your roof will certainly take damage if it isn’t properly protected. So you have to make sure that you’re ready to inspect and repair your roof once the hail storm passes.

Arizona Dust Storms Don’t Stop in Winter

A hail storm isn’t the only storm that you have to worry about in the middle of winter. Dust storms or haboobs don’t stop happening just because it’s the winter season. Just like hail storms, you have to be ready to inspect and repair any damage that happens to your roof once the storm passes. This minimizes the chance that winter roof damage will get worse.

Have a Professional Inspect Your Roof

A great way to ensure that your roof stays in top condition during the winter season is to have a professional like Renco Roofing do an inspection. Professional roofers will be able to catch any potential problems that your roof may be having as well as give you advice on how to take care of these problems. This is especially important in winter as the number of roof problems you’re going to encounter will grow because of the colder and wetter weather.

Final Thoughts

Winter roof damage is a common sight in Arizona roofs because of how winter can catch some home and business owners off guard. However, having the right precautions and preparation can easily trivialize the difficulty of handling winter.