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Roof cleaning does two important things: It keeps your property looking good and it extends the
lifespan of the roof as well. For this reason, as homeowners we must see to it that our roofs are
scheduled for cleaning from time to time.

We all know that the roof is exposed to all kinds of elements all day, every single day. From dirt
and debris to extreme weather conditions, your roof is faces them all. If you are not able to
maintain your home’s roofing system, chances are it will become covered with dark stains and
green areas caused by moss, algae and lichens.

These dark stains and growth patches from moss, algae and lichens can cause shingles to
deteriorate and wood to rot. Both instances may lead to highly expensive repairs and could
potentially shorten your roof’s lifespan.

To prevent this from happening, you should consider regular roof cleaning. By doing this, you
will be able to reduce or even eliminate these kind of damages. Let’s take a look at the reasons
why you need to have your roof cleaned by a professional roof cleaner today.

 Professional roof cleaners will be able to prevent or stop any form of damage in
your roof.

Your roof is a huge investment so keeping up with its maintenance should be highly
considered. Professional roof cleaners know the means to prevent or stop damages
from occurring. If there are already stains on your roof, once they are removed, your roof
cleaning company will be able to take further steps in order to prevent regrowth.

 By having your roof cleaned, you will be able to cut down energy costs.

Organisms in algae can absorb heat. This will in turn heat up your roofing as well making
your energy costs go as high as your roof. If your energy bills have been ridiculously
high lately, one probable cause should be your roof.

Here’s How to Care for Your Roof

 They will surely be able to extend the lifespan of your roof.

A good roof cleaning company complies with the removal methods recommended by the
Roof Cleaning Institute of America and the roofing manufacturers as well. They have all
the necessary special equipment which will not harm the shingles. This is much better
than hiring roofers to replace your roof.

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