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Re-roofing your home is an expensive undertaking. Especially with all the roofing materials available to you. When you’re going to be re-roofing your home, you have a number of great choices. These include anything from wood, shingles, metal, tiles and everything in between. Today we’re going to focus on tile roofing, and how it is an amazing choice for your roof.

How Tile Roofing is a Step Above The Rest

You might be thinking “why should I pick tile roofing over metal or shingle roofing?”. This is because each roofing has their own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to your roof. So we’ll be exploring just how tile roofing can affect your roof in the long run! 

Strong and Durable

Durability is a big factor when it comes to choosing roofing materials. Having a durable and strong roof means that you’d have to spend less time and money trying to maintain your roof. Tile roofing is a very strong roofing material that is very difficult to damage. You can expect your roof to rarely leak, if ever. The only way you can damage this roofing material is if it takes a heavy impact.

Resistant To Pests 

One great thing about tile roofing is that pests find it impossible to cause any damage to it. Wooden roofing, while looking great on your roof, is a prime candidate for pests to dig into as it slowly becomes softer over time. It isn’t unusual to find several holes in your roof because a squirrel, raccoon, or ants decided that your attic is prime real estate. Tile roofing is made up of materials like concrete, slate, and clay which are nearly impervious to pests trying to dig into your roof.

Long Lasting

Thanks to its strength and durability, it can also last a very long time without needing a replacement. You can expect this roofing material to even outlive you if you maintain it properly. Add in the fact that pests are unable to weaken it and you’ve got a roofing material that can easily last you a lifetime.

Elegant and Beautiful

One of the most ideal features of tile roofing is that it is one of the more beautiful types of roofing you can get. Shingles are the middle ground and metal roofing makes your home look like a factory if it isn’t done right. Tile roofing gives your home a comfortable look and feel which can’t be beaten by other types of roofing.

Different Types That Fit Different Style

Roofing materials aren’t just chosen just for their durability and longevity. You also choose them for their appearance. Elegance and beauty are just some things that you can expect from your tile roof. However, what’s the use of elegance and beauty if the roofing material doesn’t fit your home’s overall style? Luckily tile roofing comes in many different styles, and materials that you’d be hard pressed to find an alternative with as many options as it. It also comes with a number of different styles and finishes that can make your home even more attractive.