Slate-Style Shingles

Slate roofing has been a mainstay for centuries, and for good reason. Not only is it attractive, it’s also extremely durable; a slate roof can last for a century or longer with proper maintenance. But it’s also difficult to install, and can be expensive. That does not, however, mean that you have to forego the classic look of slate for your Arizona home or business. With modern technology and a skilled Arizona roofing contractor like RENCO Roofing, you can reap many of the benefits of a slate roof without the downsides.

Slate-Style Shingles

How Slate Style Shingles Work

It’s easier now than ever before to get the look of slate. There are actually three different types of slate style shingles: asphalt, metal, and synthetic. Each has advantages relative not only to slate, but also to each other, and to other types of roofing.

Asphalt Shingle Roofing

If your home is like many in Arizona, odds are good that you already have a traditional asphalt roof. Those shingles — called three-tab shingles because of their design — are flat, light, and inexpensive. There’s another type of asphalt shingle, called an architectural shingle, that utilizes several layers of asphalt for a textured look. It’s the least expensive of the options here, while also being more energy-efficient and durable than a traditional asphalt-shingled roof.

Metal Shingle Roofing

Most people think of an industrial look when they think of a steel roof. That’s a common style, to be sure, but the CertainTeed metal shingles we use look nothing like the roof on your neighborhood fast-casual restaurant or office park. Instead, they’re designed to mimic the beauty, and much of the durability, of a slate roof, but with a much lighter weight (1/4 that of a slate roof) and a much lower cost.


Synthetic Shingle Roofing

One of the reasons many of us are drawn to slate is that no two slate roofs will be alike. There are subtle variations in color among the slate shingles that’s accented with age, giving your roof a character that many other roofing materials cannot match. That’s why we offer innovative composite products from CertainTeed that — unlike slate roofing — are shatter-resistant, a definite boon in low temperatures, and a feature that makes maintenance much easier than it would be with slate.


Which Slate Alternative Shingles Are Right for Me?

With so many shingle roofing options, we can understand why you might be experiencing a bit of paralysis-by-analysis. From our own experience, we know that the alternatives to slate roofs have a number of advantages that slate cannot offer- weight, ease of installation, and ease of maintenance, to say nothing of cost.

The easiest way to ease a difficult decision is to contact RENCO Roofing. We’ll conduct a free roofing consultation, during which we’ll gather the specifics of your project, evaluate any structural and cost concerns, and make sure that you’re aware of all the short-term and long-term considerations as well as the benefits. Questions? Call us at 602-867-9386 today!

The RENCO Roofing Difference

Whether your project is big or small, we strive to provide both the highest level of workmanship and the highest level of customer care. When you work with our team of highly trained professionals, we guarantee you’ll see the difference.

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Before inspecting your roof, when you meet with our consultants at your home, we’ll take the time to talk to you and understand the project at hand, what issues you are experiencing and assess how we can best solve the problem. You’ll be confident knowing that the solution we provide will be the right one for your roof.

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