The best flat roof system with great insulation values.

Polyurethane foam is the best system for flat roofs. It is sprayed on, which results in a seamless layer of protection over your home, office, or commercial building. Foam roofing systems pay for themselves with an insulation value of R-6.5 per inch of thickness, which translates into money savings in heating and cooling costs.

Foam Roofing

Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) roofs have been installed in the Valley primarily on flat roofs since as early as the 1970’s. While very similar to the original urethane products, the materials used today on our Phoenix area foam roofs have be refined and improved greatly over the years. SPF roofing is created when two liquid components (isocyanate and a polyol resin) are heated, combined and then spray-applied to the roof surface. The liquid mixture then reacts to create a durable, monolithic closed cell layer of insulation on the roof. Phoenix foam roof systems are applied at a minimum of one inch thicknessbut more can be applied in thicker applications for additional insulation. All foam roofing applications require protective coatings over the top to act as a sunblock and protect against harmful UV rays and keep the roof maintainable.

Energy Savings

Just one inch of foam roofing can add a thermal resistance of more than R6 to the building’s insulation rating. By adding additional inches of SPF, roof insulation requirements can be supplemented or completely satisfied in the foam roofing alone! By locking out the heat in the summer and the cold in the winter, foam roofing in Phoenix is the best way to keep your HVAC system from constantly working hard.

Easy Maintenance

Foam roofs, like any other roofing system, perform best when they are clean and properly maintained. Routine cleaning of the roof to remove tree debris, accumulated dust and dirt ensure that the roof can drain and flow properly when storms arrive to avoid water damage. Regular inspections and service repairs are recommended on roofs that have a high traffic volume such as commercial or other combined use buildings to ensure that any surface damage is addressed. Foam roofs with acrylic coatings applied should be recoated on a schedule to ensure proper levels of protection are maintained. As an example, residential or commercial roof recoating is recommended every 5-7 years depending on original application rates and wear. Specialized coating products utilized by RENCO Roofing are specially formulated to maximize your roof investment.

Long Lasting

We routinely re-coat foam roofs that have been in place for 25+ years. By properly maintaining the roof, it will continue to provide years of service to the building below.

Common failure causes of foam roofing stem from lack of regular or proper maintenance cycles. All too often when we come across a failing SPF roof, it is due to the failing coatings applied to save a few extra dollars. “Roof Coating” products purchased from big box stores are not recommended for your SPF roof, as longevity and integrity is the goal. Other failures we commonly see are completely worn out coatings or excessive surface damage from storms, service personnel, birds and more. Don’t let your roof get to that point - partner with RENCO Roofing to be your foam roofer! With a team of highly trained professionals, we promise to perform high quality work with consistent communication so you can rest easy with a solid roof over your head. Did we mention that your RENCO Roof annual inspection is always free?

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Roof Satisfaction Guaranteed

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