Facilities management is vital in running any kind of business. Well-managed buildings
and utilities help companies to function effectively and efficiently. Business owners or
facility managers should be well-aware of the state of its commercial roofing system so
it could be properly maintained or repaired.

Normally, a commercial roof needs to be inspected at least once or twice a year,
depending on its roofing materials. As a business owner or facilities manager, you need
to be knowledgeable of the various commercial roofing systems so you could identify
which one is the best for your property.


SPF roofing is the best roofing system for flat or low-sloped roofs. It adds a
seamless layer of protection over your commercial building. It provides the highest
R-value which is 6.5 per inch of thickness. With this high insulation value, you will
be able to save money in heating and cooling utility bills.

For foam roofs, regular inspection and service repairs are recommended. If the
foam roofs have acrylic coating, recoating should be scheduled every 5-7 years in
order to ensure your roof’s protection. We at RENCO Roofing utilize coating
products that are specially formulated so you could make the most of your roof

On average, foam roofs are re-coated around every 25 years when maintained
properly. Do note that there are only specific roof coating products that are suitable
for roof foams.


Tile is another extremely versatile choice for commercial roofing especially when
the aesthetic value of the property is highly valued. It has a lifespan extending up to
30 years when maintained properly.

In curved tiles, air circulation is enhanced by the spaces making it a very durable
roofing material. Also, its composition which is commonly stone or clay makes it
tough and resistant to fire.

At RENCO Roofing, we offer 10-year, 20-year and 30-year warranty for this roofing

We at RENCO Roofing have serviced all forms of commercial, industrial and multi-
tenant roofing. We are fully licensed, bonded, insured and committed to provide all of
the options and information you need for the repair and maintenance of your roof. Get
your roof done the best and most practical way possible just by calling us at RENCO


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