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Handling roof installation and maintenance on your own can be extremely challenging. There are risks if you decide on doing it all by yourself. One of which is your safety. If you are not a skilled roofer, you might get yourself hurt. Moreover, trying to fix your roof on your own may lead to further damages.

If you have finally decided on hiring a roofing company, your next concern is to make sure you are picking the right one. To help you out, here is a list of questions you should consider before signing a contract with a roofing company.

  1. How long have you been in business?

You want a roofing company who is competent to work on your roof. Working with a startup company may be risky. The more years in business, the better. If the company has been in business long enough, then that means it has handled enough roofs to qualify as your roofing contractor.  They have the experience to professional appraise what is needed.

Here’s How to Choose the Right Roof for your Home
  1. Are you licensed?

Your roofing company should be licensed. In order for them to get a license, they  need to demonstrate knowledge and adherence to building codes and they need to provide proof of insurance. Having a license means that they would be strictly following the regulations, making your household code compliant as well.

  1. Do they have worker’s compensation insurance and liability insurance?

It is no secret that working on a roof is a dangerous job. Make sure you are hiring a roofing company with complete insurance for both their workers and your property.

  1. See if they have reviews or recommendations.

Read and see what others say about the company.  When hiring a roofing company you want one that stands behind both their products and service, in addition to being honest.


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