Is your roof looking dirty or worn?

As a professional Arizona roofing company, we not only install new roofs on to commercial buildings and homes, but also help maintain your roof to keep it in optimal working condition. No matter what type of roof you have, it will eventually begin to degrade over time, and one of the best ways to keep it in top condition is by having a qualified roofer to come out and check it over periodically. Regular roof cleaning in Phoenix is important because of how dust and foliage from nearby trees can get on your roof and gutters.

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Roof Cleaning and Maintenance

Among the different types of roof maintenance services that we perform are foam recoating, cleanings, and inspections.

Why Get Your Roof Cleaned?

One of the unavoidable realities of owning a house is that your roof is bound to get dirty over time. We provide various cleaning and washing services to homeowners and businesses. There are many benefits to cleaning your roof besides just the cosmetic ones:

  • Organisms like algae, lichens, and moss can feed off the shingles, causing gradual damage.
  • Your insurance company can cancel your homeowners' insurance policy for having a dirty roof.
  • A roof covered in moss and algae is no longer able to adequately reflect sunlight, making it hotter inside your house and increasing heating costs.

If you’re noticing issues with your roof, they can often be fixed with simple maintenance, instead of needing to pay the full cost of a complete roof replacement. These are some common issues our roof cleanings address:

Algae or Black Stains

If you’ve noticed black stains that are appearing on your roof, it’s likely that it’s dead algae on the shingles. Typically, dead algae appears on the north side of sloped roofs because it doesn’t get as much sun and remains damp for a longer period of time. While algae doesn’t hurt the roof, it is a cosmetic problem that most homeowners don’t want to deal with. One way to avoid algae altogether is to purchase algae-resistant shingles.

In order to clear off the algae, our roofers have special cleaning solutions that we’ll apply to the entire affected area of the roof.

Falling Debris

Another main source of roof uncleanliness is debris that has fallen onto the roof. Whether it’s trees, leaves, sticks, branches, or acorns that have fallen onto the roof, it can create an unsightly appearance.

Besides looking bad, debris can also cause damage and roof leaks. It may seem unlikely that leaves and sticks can damage a roof, but this debris can create a dam that blocks rainfall from leaving the rooftop. This dam of water then sits on the roof and causes leaks, rotting the roof decking, and if left untreated for long enough, can even leak inside the interior of the home. Debris clogging your gutters is another concern because clogged gutters prevent your roof from draining adequately.

Instead of climbing up on your roof yourself and risking a fall, it’s best to hire a professional roofing company with a ladder, blower, and soft broom or brush.


Moss is another unsightly growth on your roof that doesn’t cause severe shingle damage but does collect dirt, debris, and other growths. Excessive water on your roof helps aid the growth of moss, so one way of preventing moss growth is by making sure that your roof is properly draining.

Roof Inspections

While it may be tempting to ignore small roof problems, catching them while they’re still in their infancy can help protect your roof and save you money in the long run. A homeowner could theoretically find large problems on their own, but a self-inspection is a far cry from a professional inspection conducted by expert roofers who are trained to find any discrepancies with your roof. It is advisable to get roof inspections twice per year, once every fall and spring.

The roofers at RENCO Roofing perform thorough inspections of all the components of your roof, which includes but is not limited to roof curbs and penetrations, roof membrane condition, drainage, insulation condition, and shingle condition. During the inspection, here are some of the things that we’ll look for:

Shingle Damage: Missing, damaged, or curling shingles are all signs of roof wear and tear. We can replace individual damaged shingles without needing to replace the entire roof.

Signs of Algae or Fungus: Algae, fungus, and moss can cause your shingles to degrade. If we find indications that these fungi are growing, we’ll treat them with chemicals and install zinc or lead control strips.

Signs of Rust: If rust is present on the roof, we’ll wire brush it and then prime and repaint the metal.

Recoating Foam Roofs

Foam roofs are one of the most popular types of residential roof or commercial roofs here in Arizona, but in order for them to have the maximum amount of effectiveness, they need to be recoated periodically. Keeping a fresh coat on your foam roof helps it better reflect heat, extends the life of the roof, and keeps its appearance fresh.

Thanks to the warm climate of Arizona, there are specific times of the year when it’s best to recoat a foam roof- ideally late March, April, May, early June, October, and early November. If it’s too cold, the coating can freeze and may not cure properly. If it’s too hot, the coating will cure too quickly and it is more difficult to obtain an even application.

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