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Over the years your roof has protected you and your family from the weather, but eventually, you as a homeowner should know the signs that your roof might not be up to the task anymore. Here are a few signs that you might need to say goodbye to your old roof and hello to a brand new one. 

Do Leaks & Water Stains Mean I Need a New Roof?

Leaks and Water Stains 

A good clue to figuring out if you need a new roof is finding a few more leaks than you’d like to find. Years of rain and snow can take its toll on your roof and will eventually become more frequent as your roof ages. 

If you have a leak but aren’t sure where its coming from, it’s a good idea to follow water stains. Water stains show where the water is coming from, whether it be leaks that you haven’t found yet or condensation during winter.  

Hire a professional to inspect your roof to see if it’s going to be a problem in the future or can be fixed with a few replacement shingles or patchwork. You can patch up your roof to keep the rain outside but eventually the costs will keep mounting until paying for a re-roofing becomes cheaper in the long run.

Does Irreparable Damage Mean I Need a New Roof?

Irreparable Damage

Despite keeping your roof in top shape over the years, you’re eventually going to see holes, leaks and missing pieces. Keep track of the damage to your roof. These can be a constant problem and will require time, effort and money to fix. 

Gradually they become even worse and the little leak in your roof could end up flooding your bedroom in the next hurricane. If any of these are becoming a recurring problem, then it might be cheaper to schedule a re-roofing rather than having to constantly pay for replacement shingles.

Does an Old Roof Simply Mean I Need a New Roof?

Your Roof is Old

Normally, a roof lasts for 20 to 30 years before needing to be replaced. Replacing your roof before then is either due to an accident or the contractor is simply not as good as they said they were when they installed your roof. Make sure to only get the best contractors when re-roofing your home as they will save you time and money.

When your roof is around 25 or so years old its best to consider replacing your roof as replacing it later could lead to more problems like the roof collapsing.

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