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It’s that time of year and we’re all getting a little tired of the heat. The storms bring added maintenance to our homes and we want to make sure we are hiring reputable companies to take care of this maintenance to our homes. The biggest things we may notice during monsoons are all the added leaves, debris, etc that may blow around and cause damage to our homes, pools, roofs and surrounding area.

When we maintain our yard, we seem to forget we need to keep up on our tree trimming and maintenance on these bigger trees. We want to make sure we keep them trimmed to eliminate the possibility of further storm damage when these monsoon storms come. Untrimmed trees become very heavy and are at a high risk of falling during the monsoon storms. This can cause expensive damage to roofs and other items on or around our homes.

Our friends at Clean Cut Landscape recently came out with a very helpful newsletter. Click here to read more.

In addition to the storms continuing through August, in many areas of the valley school is starting the beginning weeks of August. This will bring added business to many of our lives getting our kids back to school and preparing them for the upcoming year.

Back to School
Schools in the valley start early. A few tips to remember as the learning season gets under way:

Watch for school zones and obey the 15 mph speed limit.
Traffic flow changes; you may want to think of changing your normal route to work with the increased traffic.
Send your kids to school with plenty of water, it is still hot out and they need to stay well hydrated during the first few months back.

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