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Many homes in Scottsdale and Phoenix have foam roofs. Why do people choose foam roofs? There are many benefits to a foam roof for a flat roofing application, especially in the areas of the extreme desert heat.

Foam Roofs are a Seamless System
Flat roofs do not shed the water as quickly as a pitched roof does. Many pitched roofing systems and some flat roof systems have seams. Can this cause problems? Seams in a roofing system can sometimes fail. If the seams pull apart, water can penetrate below the roofing layers and into your home which can cause significant interior damage. Foam roofs are spray-applied and has no seams in the application. This greatly minimizes the risks of a roof leak as there are less opportunities for the water to find its way through the roof. These roofs can also reduce the risks at leak-prone areas such as roof vents, skylights, flashings and wall transition areas.

Foam Roofs Provide an Insulation Barrier
Have you ever tried to walk on a Phoenix shingle roof in the summer without shoes? Although it is never a good idea to be on a roof without shoes, a foam roof provides enough heat reflection that you could walk on it barefoot in the middle of the summer without burning your feet. Of course it will be hot, but it will not burn your feet. Foam roofs provide about an R6.5 insulation rating for every inch that is applied to your roof. Foam roofs are coated with a light colored elastomeric coating that protects the foam from harmful UV rays. The light color also reflects the heat from the sun, keeping it from heating up your attic. If the attic of your home stays cooler, so will the ceiling of your house. Now your air conditioner can run less allowing it to last longer and reduce your utility bills.

Foam is a Renewable Roofing System
You may have seen this term used about foam roofs in your research but what does it mean? Many roof systems that are used are applied and then covered up with another system or torn off the roof when they become worn out. Foam roofs, if maintained properly, can last for years and years. As the coating wears out, the roof can be cleaned and another layer of coating can be applied. If done regularly, the foam roof can be “renewed” over and over.

Do Foam Roofs Ever Need to be Removed?
If a foam roof is applied by a skilled roofing contractor and is maintained regularly, it can often be left on a roof for a very long period of time. However, if you do not coat the roof on regular intervals, the roof receives storm damage, bird damage or human caused damage, the roof may need to be torn off. In some cases, however, even if the roof receives damage the roof can be salvaged. Sometimes a roofing contractor can do a roll-scarf or a roll-scarify which will remove the top, damaged layer from the roof and can allow additional foam to be applied.


Faylinn Byrne · August 7, 2019 at 4:35 pm

I never realized that foam roofs have no seams in the application, thank you for explaining that! After moving to our current town, my husband and I realized that our roof was not insulating very well, and leaking quite a bit. We will make sure to contact a specialist in our area to see what can be done, and what the best options for our situation are.

Megan Alder · September 1, 2020 at 4:48 pm

It’s interesting to know that foam roofs greatly minimize the risks of a roof leak as there are fewer opportunities for the water to find its way through the roof. I recently moved to my new house and I was told I needed to replace the house foaming, but I didn’t really get what it was. Now that I know how foaming works I will start looking for a foam roofing company so that it is taken care of.

Claire Masters · November 8, 2021 at 9:30 pm

It’s interesting to know that foam roofing is renewable in a way that it can simply be coated again when the previous coating wears out. We have the traditional tiled roof and sometimes it gets too hot to stay in the attic. This type of roof material is a game-changer and I could already imagine my dad inquiring about this with our local roofers.

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