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Roofs were never meant to last forever. Eventually you’re going to encounter a number of roof wear signs over the years. These signs are an indication of how badly damaged your roof is. Once you see these signs, you should be prepared to conduct repairs and maintenance on your roof. But what exactly are these signs you should be looking out for?

Roof Wear and You: How to Identify

Identifying what is roof wear and what isn’t is one of the things every homeowner should be able to do. Properly identifying these signs will let you catch problems before they become too difficult to handle on your own. These roof wear signs vary from very obvious, to very subtle. So to help you better identify these signs, we’ve made a list of the things you need to keep an eye on.

Missing Roof Parts

One of the most obvious signs of roof wear is that sections of your roof are missing. These missing roof sections open up the rest of your roof to the elements. Roof parts can often be dislodged by strong winds or rain. Arizona roofs in particular have to deal with strong sandstorms that can severely damage roofing. This is especially bad if your roof is already a few decades old. The worst part is that missing roof parts can cause a chain reaction where nearby tiles or shingles become easier to remove. So you need to keep your eyes peeled for any missing shingles, and tiles.

Water Stains In Your Home or Business

You might have noticed that there are a number of dark spots on your walls or ceiling. These are called water stains and are a big sign that your roof may be having trouble keeping water out. These water stains don’t just happen overnight. They take weeks to form on walls and ceilings. So if you find a water stain somewhere in your home or business, then you might have a leak or crack that’s several weeks old or longer.

Molds and Algae Growing On and In Your Roof

Plants are one of the worst enemies of your roof. Nearby foliage like trees and shrubs can have their leaves swept onto your roof. However, these large types of plants aren’t your roof’s only problem. Molds and algae can be a major issue for roofs as well. Roof wear caused by algae and mold is very subtle but accelerates your roof’s need to be repaired or replaced.

Roof Flaking, Sagging and Sinking

Roof flaking, sagging and sinking is a common problem faced by roofs that are already several years old. They happen due to lack of maintenance and extreme weather. Flaking is especially problematic in hot areas like Texas and Arizona. Once you spot these problems on your roof, then it might be time to quickly assess whether you need to do a quick repair or a full replacement.

Final Thoughts

Roof wear should never be ignored by home and business owners. Otherwise you’re letting these problems grow until you finally can’t ignore them anymore. So you need to make sure you fix them as early as possible to minimize the cost and time needed to get everything back in working order.