Your roof is one of the best ways to protect yourself and everything you own from the elements. Whether it be rain or intense heat, you can rely on a well made roof to take care of you. However, the weather can be too extreme for your run of the mill maintenance. Roof heat damage is especially dangerous as it can damage your roof in ways you don’t expect. 

How Roof Heat Damage Can Affect You

Arizona and surrounding areas are currently experiencing the worst heat wave since the 1800s. Temperatures are soaring over 120 degrees in the area and many homeowners are discounting the effect that it has on their roofs. Shrugging it off is a bad idea because extreme amounts of heat can cause a number of problems for your roof. We’ve put together some of these problems so you’re aware of what you might have to deal with in case of an extreme heat wave.

Fluctuating Temperatures Can Strain The Metal In Your Roof

One thing you might notice during extreme heat situations is that the nights tend to be colder than the days. It’s a great relief if you’ve had to deal with the heat during the day. However, the fluctuation in temperature can actually strain metal parts in your roof. These fluctuations will cause metal to expand and contract until it finally cracks. 

An Asphalt Roof Will Suffer From The Heat

Asphalt roofs are a popular choice as a roofing material because of its versatility, low cost, and how easy it is to maintain. However, it is terrible when it comes to dealing with high heat. Asphalt will shrink and crack when under extreme temperatures. In some extreme cases it can even cause the asphalt to start melting. So you have to make sure you pick another material for your roof in case you’re in an area with extreme heat.

Accelerated Granular Loss In Shingle Roofs

The granules in shingle roofs is what makes sure it is able to withstand the weather. It is especially good for staving off water damage caused by rain. However, it is vulnerable to heat damage. Intensely high temperatures will cause your shingles to lose their granules faster. That increases the amount you need to spend on repairs and replacements shingles for your roof.

Pests Like Rodents and Insects Will Use Your Roof To Hide From The Heat

You and your home aren’t the only ones vulnerable to the heat. Local wildlife will also be heavily affected by it. A vast majority of them will use whatever area they can find to hide from the heat. One of their favorite hiding spots is the roof. They will dig holes and nest in areas in your roof if they manage to get in. They can weaken your roof and force you to replace more parts sooner.

Final Thoughts

The extremes of weather can severely affect how your roof functions. Regardless of whether the weather involves high amounts of rain or heat, you need to make sure that you know what to do about it. But it can be difficult to handle on your own. So you should hire a professional roofing company like Renco Roofing to help you keep your roof in top condition, rain or shine!