Today, rooftop decks are becoming the most sought-after amenity in any building. In fact, many houses, condominiums, townhouses, and commercial buildings in Arizona have balconies and multipurpose rooftop decks.

Properties with roof decks can be quite a sight to see. Roof decks add value to your property as it enhances its aesthetics. Also, walk decks can serve many purposes.

Roof decks provide additional usable space without having to invest as much as when you are constructing a new room. You’ll have all the freedom to access your roof and get to enjoy the outstanding view your roof may offer. It gives a free space in the property where we all can unwind.

Aside from giving you extra space, roof decks also enhance the appearance of a property which is why it also increase its listing value for the time you plan on selling it.

If you decide on having a walk deck on your roof, you will have to choose from the following:

 Green Roof

 Pallet Deck

 Paver Deck

 Wood Deck

Walk decks can be simply built with these materials. You need to remember however that since these areas are flat, they often need to be waterproof to be able to hold up to constant use and traffic and of course, look great while doing so. This can all be accomplished with the proper installation of a walk deck system.

RENCO Roofing installs, coats, and repairs walk decks. We work with both urethane and concrete-based systems. We have walk deck experts on our team who have been properly trained by our product suppliers so that we can install and maintain these systems according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Moreover, all our walk deck systems come with competitive warranties in the industry.

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