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Brand new roofs have great curb appeal, with clean lines and bold colors that perfectly compliment a home. But what about that same roof, 10 years down the line? When colors fade and debris build up, your roof may not be able to perform to its potential. Sometimes, all a roof needs is a little TLC to get it back into shape. A clean roof isn’t just a better sight - a clean roof means a healthy roof, with better efficiency, longer lifespan and top performance. Here are three benefits of a clean roof:

Improves your home’s energy efficiency
While energy efficient windows, proper door seals and ventilation play a big role in your home’s ability to stay insulated from the heat of the Arizona sun, the roof over your head does its fair share of work. A clean roof functions to reflect the sun’s rays instead of absorbing them and trapping heat inside of your home. An unclean roof, with dark stains and heavy debris, will absorb heat rather than reflecting it - increasing your home’s indoor cooling requirements, and in turn, your energy bill.

Prolongs the life of your roof
Simply put, a clean roof is a happy roof! By scheduling regular cleanings, homeowners can easily prolong the life of their tile, foam or shingle roof. Roofs that are covered in debris, like dirt, leaves and branches, become a heat and moisture trap - causing decay to shingles and to the underlayment that holds them in place. If not properly cleaned to prevent decay, your roof could lose years off of its life, meaning an early roof replacement. And while many roof shingles come with a multi-year manufacturer’s warranty, most manufacturers recommend regular cleanings to keep the warranty effective.

Protects your home from further damage
The best thing a homeowner can do to prolong the life of their roof is to maintain it to make sure that small problems don’t develop into bigger headaches. Cleaning a roof of debris ensures that water can properly drain off of the roof and away from the house, avoiding pooling and water damage inside.

Simply put, when you take care of your roof, your roof takes care of you. Protecting your home with regularly scheduled roof cleanings secures better energy efficiency, longer roof life and protection from further damage. Are you looking for a roofing team to help with your next project in Arizona? Whether it’s big or small, RENCO Roofing is ready to help. Get in touch with our team today to get started.

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