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Every homeowner knows how roofing can be a big investment. Repairs and maintenance can
also be very costly at the same time. For this reason, homeowners must see to it that they are
getting the most out of their money. Investing in high quality roofing materials that come
together with warranty can be your best bet in order to make your roof foolproof and avoid
highly priced repairs or re-roofing in the near future.

However, homeowners often get confused by roofing warranties. In order to come up with the
best decision, one must fully understand what roofing warranties are and what are covered by
these warranties.

First off, you need to get familiarized with the common roofing warranty terms such as:

Workmanship– This is the installation service provided by the roofing contractor.

When you have a workmanship warranty say for example from a shingle
manufacturer, both the manufacturing defects on the shingles and errors in the
installation shall be covered under a period of time.

Limited Warranty– This type of warranty has conditions and limitations for its
coverage and its length.

Prorated Warranty– In this type of warranty, it only reimburses a percentage of
the cost depending on the length of time.

Non-prorated Warranty – This warranty guarantees the roofing material to be free
from defects for the whole length of time declared.

Note that there are two categories of roofing warranties which are the manufacturer’s
warranty on the roofing materials and the contractor’s workmanship covering the
installation of these roofing materials.

These are some of the points you should be mindful of when understanding a roofing

 On top of the list of things you should be aware are the areas which are covered.

As mentioned earlier, you may have a manufacturer’s warranty, a contractor’s
workmanship, or both. There are limitations on what they cover and the
compensation they have to offer depending on specific conditions.

 As important as knowing what is covered, you have to be aware of what’s not
covered. Identifying which are not covered can actually make warranties easier
to understand.

 Be aware of the conditions on claiming a warranty. There can be some activities
that void warranties. Avoid installing unlicensed products. This can void the
warranty and cause you more problems.

In case you are doubtful in choosing the finest roofing materials and roof installation,
you can always seek help from the roofing experts. We at RENCO Roofing, constantly
strive to provide only the highest level of workmanship and customer care.

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