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You can never enjoy a household with a faulty roofing system. The roof serves as our defensive
line against all kinds of weather, animals, and debris. Still, many homeowners overlook the
maintenance of their roofs. Preventive maintenance is key to avoid major roof repairs or worse,
premature roof replacement.

While your roof can last for a really long time, on average, here are some effective tips to consider to extend the lifespan of your roof.

1. Have a regular roof inspection.

You can check by yourself or you can call in a professional roofing contractor to have
your roof inspected for visible problems from the ground up. Look for both minor and
major issues like:

 Bent or missing shingles

 Broken gutters

 Loose or missing flashing

 Drip edge damage

 Discoloration due to algae and moss

 Sagging ceiling

There are other problems which can be difficult to inspect by yourself. In these cases, you
might want to ask professional roofing contractors to conduct the inspection. It is
recommended that you do a complete inspection twice a year.

2. Trim the trees around your roof.

Although trees can be good for landscaping your home, do note that the leaning
branches could potentially damage your roof. As a preventive measure, remember to trim
those branches reaching and scratching your roof.

Here Are The Reasons Why You Need to Have Your Roof Cleaned

3. Don’t forget the gutters!

The last thing you want to have for long are clogged gutters. The fallen leaves, branches
and other debris clog your gutter system causing water to be suspended and reach to
your attic.

4. Make sure you have proper roof insulation and ventilation.

Proper ventilation prevents heat and moisture which cause your roof to rot. In order to
achieve good roof ventilation, you need to set an effective insulation system. You may
have to have open, vented spaces that promote allows air to pass freely.

5. Pay close attention to any discoloration on your roof.

Because roofs are exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time, it is inevitable for
moss, mold, and algae to settle. These can cause water leaks and deterioration of roof


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