You might not know this, but your gutter is an important part of any roof. Your roof isn’t the only thing that is going to suffer when your gutter is damaged or defective. So it’s important to know why you should always be ready to face some common gutter problems.

The Different Gutter Problems You Need To Face 

Fixing your gutters might seem simple enough, but remember that a gutter can face a multitude of problems. Whether these problems come from neglect or the wrath of nature, you should be prepared to fix these issues. Especially since a defective or damaged gutter can be a major problem for most homes.

Clogs and Blockages in Your Gutter

When you think of gutter problems, the first thing to come to mind is gutter clogs and blockages. This problem can be caused by debris getting stuck in the gutters. You can get a wide variety of things blocking your gutters. These can be anything from:

  • Leaves and other plant debris
  • Pieces of your roof like shingle granules due to lack of maintenance and cleaning
  • Dirt and dust kicked up by a recent dust storm or haboob
  • Nests created by pests 
  • and even dead pests 

These gutter clogs can be dangerous for both you and your roof. Any blockage makes the water pool in your roof and gradually degrades it. Dead pests, in particular, can be an even bigger issue as they can attract more pests and lead to an infestation. Decaying matter can also be carriers of disease and cause you to get ill. You’d want to clean your gutters at least twice a month to keep it clog free.  

Holes and Cracks

Everything has a breaking point. Your gutters are no exception. Holes and cracks, like clogs and blockages, will keep your gutters from properly diverting water to where it needs to be. Instead, the water will cascade down the side of your home and can weaken your foundation. Holes and cracks also weaken the overall structure of your roof and can cause it to collapse when there’s too much water on it. Sealing it with a commercially bought sealant can be a temporary solution until you can find the time and funds to replace it.  

Sagging Gutters

After all the abuse and weight gutter experiences, you can expect that the hangers keeping the gutters in place can come loose. Not only will diverting water be more difficult, but sagging gutters are also a major hazard to anyone passing under them. Gutters falling on people and property is a very real possibility that could injure you or your family. Luckily this problem can be easily avoided with good cleaning and maintenance.

Misaligned Gutters

Misaligned gutters tend to have their pitch or angle wrong. Gutters need a certain pitch to properly divert water, otherwise, rainwater will stagnate in it. A great way to see if your gutter is misaligned is to wait for a rainstorm to happen, climb up on your ladder and see if there’s stagnant water in them. Another option is to bring up a hose and manually cause water to cascade down your gutter. Just make sure that you don’t fall off the roof because of the water pressure.

Improperly Installed Gutters

Improperly installed gutters are an issue that won’t rear its ugly head until several years after the installation. Most improperly installed gutters won’t have the longevity as expertly installed ones. You can expect the previous four problems we discussed to hit harder and more often.

This common gutter problem is generally not caused by neglect on your part as the owner. But rather on the person who installed it which is most likely your contractor. A good roofing contractor worth his gutters won’t make the mistake of messing up the installation. Contact us today for professional-level service!