The intense weather in Arizona is proof that the weather can be a fickle thing. One moment the sun is bearing down on you with enough heat to cook an egg, the next moment the sky darkens and hail starts to fall out of the sky. With this in mind, it isn’t a mystery as to why many Arizona residents were unprepared for the heavy rainfall and hail that happened recently. Many Arizona roofs will come out damaged and battered from the .03 inches of rain and hail the size of a silver dollar. However, there is an almost foolproof plan to protect your roof from the weather: preparation. 

Preparation is The Key To Protect Your Roof From The Weather

Those who spent time to prepare and protect their roof have nothing to worry about, but those who haven’t will have to deal with difficult roof damage. If you’re a business, this could mean closing down temporarily and losing business thanks to an oversized ice cube. So making sure that you’re prepared for the next freak storm is better than going out on your roof trying to patch that hole with sealant in the middle of a hail storm. To help you prevent future mishaps, we’ve put together a list of the things you can do to protect your roof from the weather. 

Proper Maintenance

Making sure that your roof is in top condition is the first step to making sure that it can stand a sudden storm. Especially in Arizona where you have to deal with blistering heat, sandstorms that can reach 60 mph, and even hail. Without proper maintenance, you can expect to find several weak points in a roof. These weak points are a point where extensive damage can stem from. It’s common for weaker roofs to collapse because of all the strain. So to protect your roof from the weather, you have to properly maintain your roof before you’re caught off guard with hail the size of baseballs or a massive leak in your living room.

Keep Gutters Clear

Your gutters are as important as your shingles and insulation when it comes to keeping your roof ready to handle a storm. Without a properly functioning gutter system, your roof will have to bear the weight of the storm itself. Water cascading down the side of your home will also damage the foundation and flood your basement if you have one. Leaks will become a much more major issue if gutters aren’t working or are improperly installed. To prevent this, make sure to include regularly cleaning your gutters in your maintenance plan.  

Do Not Leave Loose Objects In Your Yard

Your garden gnome might seem like a decent addition to your yard during that fine sunny day. Until of course, it is blown around by the weather into your home through a window. Your windows and walls aren’t the only things that can suffer from a rogue garden gnome. Your roof is also at risk of any loose objects flying around and punching a large hole into it.

To minimize damage to your roof via flying objects, make sure that there isn’t anything for the weather to pick up and throw at your roof. Garden ornaments, children’s toys, light furniture that isn’t bolted to the floor, and many other light objects can easily damage your home and roof. Keep these objects in a shed or your home when you expect high winds.

Patch Up Leaks ASAP

Letting leaks stay unpatched on your roof is a terrible idea. The longer a leak stays, the wider it will become over time. Eventually, you’re going to have to deal with a fist-sized hole that will allow water into your home. Repairing a leak is no easy task however, as there is a chance that you can make things worse by using sub-par materials. It’s even worse if you don’t know the proper technique to fix your roof. If you aren’t confident enough to fix your roof yourself, the best way to deal with most problems is to call a professional.  

Hire A Professional To Help

Getting a professional to help you be prepared for any future storms is one of the best ways to make sure that your roof is ready to handle a storm. Professionals like Renco Roofing have years of experience when it comes to helping homeowners and residential businesses with their roofs. Don’t get caught off guard by the next freak storm and contact us today!