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New roof coming up? Installing a new roof is probably one of the biggest home improvement projects you can ever have as a homeowner. Now, imagine your house turning into a construction zone. As the roof replacement project progresses, you and your family will have to make several adjustments for things to run smoothly.

RENCO Roofing provides top quality workmanship on roofs throughout Arizona while providing the best customer experience. We care about our clients as much as we look after the successful completion of our roofing projects. That’s why we have come up with a quick guide on how to prepare for a home roof replacement.

Step 1: Have a clear picture of the whole roof installation project.

Getting a new roof is a huge investment. To make the most out of it, you need to do your homework first. Why are you replacing your roof? How much budget are you looking at? Which roofing company is the best to work with? It’s good to have a definite idea of what to expect, so you won’t get surprised later on.

Step 2: Make arrangements for your kids and pets.

As your house turns into a work zone, it can be extremely uncomfortable and dangerous for kids and pets. You can make them stay with a relative or a friend for the meantime.

Step 3: Secure your valuables.

The roofers will literally be all over the place once the project starts. So it’s best if you remove, or cover all your belongings. You don’t want your personal belongings get damaged as you get a new roof.

Step 4: Make way for the roofers.

Don’t forget to clear the driveway to give the roofers quick access to their tools and equipment that they need throughout the day. If possible, move your vehicles and other outdoor items away.

Step 5: Work with the most reliable roofers in town.

Above all, there’s no better way to prepare for a new roof installation than to work with a team of highly trained professionals.

RENCO Roofing is Arizona’s premier roofing contractor since 2004. Experience the RENCO Roofing difference now.

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