An integral part of your foam roof

Roof coating is an integral part of your foam roof. It is essential that you keep up on your roof coatings so that your seamless foam roof will continue to protect your home, office, or other type of building.

It is very important that you use the proper products for you roof. There are certain types of coatings that work well for foam roofs and certain ones that can continue to be coated over and over as the years go on.

Roof Coating

RENCO Roofing uses only high quality products by known manufacturers so that our customers can be assured that their roofs will continue to hold up under the intense Arizona sun for when the rains do come. We always use compatible roof coatings for the roof system that we are working with.

It is also important that all the proper steps are taken when applying roof coatings. RENCO Roofing will never take shortcuts and we always follow all the necessary steps according to building codes, manufacturer's specifications and industry standards.


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Roof Satisfaction Guaranteed

Here at RENCO, customer satisfaction is extremely important. We know that the best way to grow is by exceeding the expectations of our customers in order to be trusted enough to be given a referral. This is proven by the fact that a majority of our new customers come in the form of referrals. In order to accomplish this, we use the finest tools, materials, and employ the most skilled workers so that we can guarantee 100% customer satisfaction to all we serve. Come experience the 100% satisfaction guarantee that RENCO is proud to offer. Let us become your roofer.

Affiliation and Awards

R.M. from Sun City, AZ...

On behalf of the Condo Association, I would like to let you know about dealing with the above company (RENCO Roofing). They resealed the roofs of our 34 units compromised of 6 buildings during the month of May 2010. It was such a pleasure and comfort to have been able to deal with such a professional company. From the first contact with Shannon to the daily follow up phone call to let me know what had been done that day and what was planned for the next day, it was great. Everything was done as we were told it would be including their follow up and clean up. All employees were very pleasant and courteous to everyone. I would highly recommend this company to any other condo association or individual homeowner. They are very trustworthy and competent.