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Most homeowners know that when their home’s exterior siding is dirty or the paint is peeling, it’s time for it to be cleaned. Keeping the exterior of your house clean of dirt, grime, and wear is not only important for visual appearance reasons, it also extends the life of the home and keeps the value up.

A house’s exterior also includes the roof, and because the roof can be more difficult to access and see from the outside, many Arizona homeowners neglect regular cleaning and maintenance of their roof. Just like the siding, the roof needs to be cleaned as a part of regular roof maintenance, or else you will risk decay, damage, and a shortened life. Because climbing on your roof can be dangerous, it’s best to contact a trusted Arizona roofing company to complete the roof cleaning job for you.

Moss, Algae, and Lichens

When you think of a roof that hasn’t been cleaned recently, what likely comes to mind is a layer of dirt. While it’s true that dirt and debris are the first things to collect on a roof, natural rainfall is typically enough to wash it off. Instead, most roof damage that’s caused by neglect can be blamed on algae, fungus, and moss.


Moss is a plant that has a shallow root system and requires a lot of moisture to survive. It can thrive on a roof that doesn’t receive much sunlight, and moss spores can be spread through wind or animals.


If you’re noticing black stains on your roof, there’s a good chance that it’s algae. Algae is a type of bacteria that feeds off of both asphalt and limestone roofing in moist and shaded areas of the roof. Like moss, the algae spores are transported by wind or animals. They can quickly spread throughout the neighborhood.


Similar to algae, lichens are a type of fungus. They form a branching growth of tentacles that penetrate deep into the shingle’s base.
Types of Roof Damage
The presence of invasive organisms like moss, algae, or lichens onto your home’s roof can damage your roof in more ways than one.

Wood Rot

One of the things that moss on your roof does is hold in moisture and divert water, making your roof susceptible to wood rot and leaks. The signs of wood rot are not always obvious to the average homeowner, and wood rot can lead to mold growth and leaks. Additionally, animals that make their way onto a rotted roof can cause more damage when the wood begins to rot.
Shingle Damage: Because algae is a bacteria that feeds off of limestone and asphalt, the organism eats away at the roof’s shingles. According to the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturing Association, roofs with algae stains absorb heat, which is the last thing you want in the extreme Arizona climate.

How Long Will Your Tile Roof Last?

Professional Arizona Roofers

RENCO Roofing is a professional roofing company that serves the entire state of Arizona. Our primary goal is ensuring we provide 100 percent customer satisfaction, which is proven by the fact that the majority of new customers come in the form of referrals. If your roof is in need of a professional cleaning, contact us today at (602) 867-9386.

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