Monsoon season is a time for home and business owners to be worried about the integrity of their roofs. This is because monsoons tend to bring excessive amounts of rain, wind and possibly even hail. This is especially true for areas like Arizona that don’t only experience the previously mentioned problems but also have to deal with thunderstorms and shifting temperatures. This is why monsoon damage prevention is different in Arizona and similar areas when compared to other areas.

What Monsoon Damage Prevention Tips You Should Be Aware Of

Monsoon rain and thunderstorms is a yearly concern that many home or business owners simply ignore. Being prepared for the arrival of the monsoon season can help you save both time and money from having to deal with the damage that it can cause. We’ve made a list of things you can do to make sure that you’re ready to take on the monsoon season and ensure that your roof comes out unscathed or at the very least in the best shape. 

Preemptive Repairs and Maintenance Is a Must

We’ve mentioned earlier that being prepared is an essential part of monsoon damage prevention. This is why you should start repairs and maintenance projects before the monsoon season arrives in the first place. It’s much easier to do these before the rain, hail and thunder start because you will otherwise put yourself in unnecessary risk. 

Reinforce Your Roof for High Winds

Reinforcing your roof should also be a top priority. This ensures that it can withstand high winds that the monsoon season tends to bring. These can be as simple as adding extra wood to your frames to as complex as reinforcing your roof’s trusses with wood that’s been carefully cut to match it.

Have Materials To Seal Off Sudden Leaks Caused By Flying Debris or Hail

Sometimes damage is impossible to prevent as with the case of flying debris or hail causing direct damage to your roof. This is why you should ensure that you have a way to quickly seal off these holes before they get any bigger. However, these temporary seals aren’t a permanent solution and you should look for a more permanent way to deal with them.

Simulate Rain To Find Those Pesky Leaks

The most common occurrence during a monsoon is the rain that it brings. The sudden leaks that you’re going to have to deal with are also a problem. This is why we recommend that you find these leaks before a monsoon storm even arrives. A great way to do this is to take a hose up to your roof during one of your regular maintenance sessions. Simply use it to spray your roof in certain areas to find leaks before they become a much bigger problem later on.

Get a Professional Roofing Contractor to Help You Out

One of the best ways to ensure that your roof is in top condition throughout the monsoon season is to have a professional roofing contractor assisting you. Not only will they be able to find problems in the structure and integrity of your roof faster with their team of experts, you will also be assured that any problems that are found will be quickly fixed.

Final Thoughts

Monsoon damage prevention doesn’t always have to be a struggle year in, year out. By using these simple tips to prevent damage caused by monsoon rain, hail and thunderstorms, you should have no problems with this year’s and future monsoon seasons.