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While essentially roofing projects are roofing projects, the reality is that commercial roofing systems differ a lot from residential ones. It is important to have a thorough understanding of commercial roofing before planning for an installation. This is why we have a prepared a thorough guide in comparing residential roof project planning from commercial roof planning so you have an idea on what to do and what to expect.

Roofing Structure
As some people are aware, commercial roofing is a lot different that residential roofing. For starters, the structural complexity of a commercial establishment is different than the structure of a residential home. This is why roofing solutions are distinct to each kind of roofing as well. Nevertheless, this is not the only difference these roofing systems have. From materials to contractors, there are a number of things to put in consideration before installing a commercial roof.

Roofing Contractor
While there are several roofing contractors available all over the country, there is a need to understand that not all roofing contractors are eligible to install commercial roofs. Some contractors only specialize in the installation of residential roof systems. Installation of commercial roof systems has their own complexities and requirements. Therefore, it is vital that you check a contractor’s background experience to know whether or not they are capable of installing a commercial roof for your establishment.

Roofing Materials
It goes without saying that roofing materials are abundant in the market. However, residential roofing shingle styles and materials may not be suitable for your building. Depending on the structure of your building, it is critical that you understand the resources and options that you can choose from before starting a commercial roof installation.

Roofing Solutions
When it comes to maintenance procedures, it is important that you acknowledge that residential roofing solutions may not be applicable to your commercial roofing system. Oftentimes, residential roof issues are solved through patchworks and common repairs. However, commercial roofing systems may need more than that. Depending on your current roofing system, maintenance procedures and repair may vary on the issue at hand. Consult with your roofing contractor to get a good idea of what your roof requires.