24-hour emergency response messaging system.

RENCO Roofing has a 24 hour emergency messaging system where a message can be left in order to route your call to the best person to fit your needs. Leave a message and we will get notified and will forward the call right away.

Many times during the evening or even in the middle of the night, when the rains have rolled into your area, roof leaks will develop. Many roofing companies are not accessible outside of business hours; RENCO Roofing, however can be reached through our messaging system 24 hours a day for emergencies.

Roofing Repairs

Roof leaks can vary from a small drip in the ceiling to the ceiling drywall caving in. Depending on your roof type, the severity of the leak, and the severity of the storm, we may be able to help you out immediately.

RENCO Roofing holds a high standard for keeping our employees safe. Often times in the middle of a monsoon storm where lighting, high winds and extremely heavy rains are occurring there may be nothing we can reasonably do to stop the leak. Also, depending on the type of roof you have, there may be limited options for patching the roof while it is still wet as many roofing products require a dry application. However, we may be able to give you tips on things to do on the interior of your home to avoid severe damage and set up a schedule to address your problem as soon as we can after the storm subsides. So although we would like to be able to make emergency repairs 24/7, due to our priority in employee safety, this may not be a reality.

If your roof is leaking and it is after hours, please leave a message at 602-842-2842 and we can assess your emergency situation.




The RENCO Roofing Difference

Whether your project is big or small, we strive to provide both the highest level of workmanship and the highest level of customer care. When you work with our team of highly trained professionals, we guarantee you’ll see the difference.

We Fix the Real Problem

Before inspecting your roof, when you meet with our consultants at your home, we’ll take the time to talk to you and understand the project at hand, what issues you are experiencing and assess how we can best solve the problem. You’ll be confident knowing that the solution we provide will be the right one for your roof.

Our Quality Workmanship and Products

Since 2004, the RENCO Roofing team has provided top quality workmanship on roofs throughout Arizona. We complete our projects with integrity - with work that we are proud to stand behind and with products that we trust.

Our Communication

From the first call to our office to the final inspection with our team, we know that communication is key for our customers. We promise to be in constant communication with our customers throughout the entire project - no surprises here.

Affiliation and Awards

H.C. from Scottsdale, AZ...

Dear Shannon, I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for the restaurant gift card for my referral to you guys of a neighbor. I don’t remember ever dealing with a company such as yours where you truly care and demonstrate what customer service is all about! You guys have figured it out and to me are a role model for how things should be done! Too often this type of care and service are missing and I just want you to know I really appreciate how you do business.