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Being a homeowner can be a great feeling. You’ll have a sense of pride and accomplishment in having a home that you own. However, owning a home doesn’t mean that you’re completely safe from the forces of nature. Your roof ages just like a person does and it can come with its own host of problems. As a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to make sure that you know the problems that your roof can have. Otherwise you’ll end up spending more money on roof repairs instead of other things. 

Keep An Eye Out For These Problems

Roof problems can range from tiny holes that can have little rain droplets seeping into your home, to a raging surge of water. The best way to be able to fix these problems is first being prepared for when your roof inevitably has these problems. That first step is making sure that you conduct regular inspections. Knowing is the first step to problem prevention and you can’t prevent a problem effectively if you’re not aware of the problems itself.

Leaks and Holes

This is the first thing that comes to mind when someone says “roof problem”. Not only are they inconvenient but they can also end up damaging the rest of your home. From appliances to the foundation of your house, nothing is safe from the annoying leak. These can easily short circuit your electrical system as well and cause house fires in the middle of a storm. 

House Pests

Pests like mosquitoes, flies and termites can be a sign that your roof is in danger. They might not seem like problems associated with your roof but certain pests will slowly eat away at your roof. Mosquitoes and flies breed well in areas where water pools, while termites and ants like creating nests in damp, rotting wooden structures. Rats like dark conditions and they gnaw on roof structures to make room for their nests. Seeing any of these pests in your home not only warrants an exterminator but also a roof inspection to make sure they don’t damage the roof. 

Damaged or Missing Shingles

Shingles help make your roof look beautiful and even get you some street cred with your neighbors. But alongside being an aesthetically pleasing addition to any roof, they also help keep your roof from getting damaged. However, over time they will start stretching and falling off of your roof. This creates weak points in your roof  that will make it easier for water to seep through.

Sagging Roof

Every roof has its ups and downs. But that doesn’t mean that you’re roof should look like it’s literally sinking into your home. 

Seeing your roof start to sag means that the water has started to weaken your roof to the point of no return. Eventually the water will end up pooling in the areas that have started to sag. As said earlier, pests will be able to turn your roof into breeding grounds. If the damage becomes far too much, your roof might even end up collapsing due to the weight of the water pooling on it. Seeing your roof sagging is a sign that you’re definitely going to need a professional to get a good look at it to see if you’re going to need a roof replacement.

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